Sunday, November 14, 2004

Nuts must be in season right now.

I just read a blog that disturbs me greatly. It's the one where the lady is grateful for all the monetary donations from people since all her own money was automatically deducted for her churchly tithe.

I do have a few questions for this lady:

Are you nuts? No decent church would ask that a person go begging amongst internet strangers for money to buy food for her children, while purchasing wall art and carpeting for a building with that same money.

Are you nuts? Why would you do ANYTHING that would make it difficult to feed your kids? Real churches do not require that level of sacrifice.

Are you nuts? "Sacrifice" connotes doing without YOURSELF, not depriving children of food so your church can send boxes of canned goods a zillion miles away.

Are you nuts? If you continue to sacrifice your children's welfare for the sake of a 10% cut to the church, maybe a different sort of Welfare should become involved. Before you STARVE AND DEPRIVE THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!

Finally, since I think we've established that you are nuts, maybe you should learn a lesson from this:

"It's better to do a good deed at home, than to go far away and burn incense."

Feed your kids and pay your bills. THAT'S what makes a person good. And by 'feed,' I don't mean merely food. You are not setting a good example when you give to an institution that which should be used to sustain and maintain the children you have at home.

Now, get to the bank and change that automatic deduction before somebody reports you to Child Protective Services.

And yes, you are definitely nuts. A moocher by any other name. . . . .
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