Thursday, November 25, 2004

Nobody died, and one to go.

One reunion down, one to go. Everything went smoothly today; nobody's feelings were hurt, nobody fell down (not even me!!) there was plenty of food, everybody who wanted pecan pie got some, I put too much sage in the dressing but it was all eaten anyway, and one of my sisters brought that awesome dessert made with chocolate pudding and pecans and Cool Whip and some other stuff that'll kill ya. ("Better Than Robert Redford" is one of its names, but the younger generation probably says it's better than someone else. . . .) (I always called it the "Better Than Sex" cake but I ran with a different kind of crowd than my sister did.) My husband asked her to leave the leftover pieces here and she did it! Boy, growing up, she never minded ME like that.

Oh, and the turkey split in half exactly like the Titanic, when we tried to pick it up and transfer it from the roaster to the platter. But after we stopped laughing, we realized it made carving it a lot easier. Not that I would really care about that, because I always make my sister carve the turkey. I'm no good at anything that requires a sharp knife. Unless, of course, my GOAL was to slice my hands all up like that. . . .

After we ate, we sat around and talked about Christmas plans, and gave each other hints for Christmas presents, and debated the qualities of Barnes and Noble bookstores with Borders bookstores (one has better music, the other has better restrooms) and talked about the same stuff my family has talked about for years. And then everybody went home except my niece and her husband, who asked politely about burning some cd's on my computer. Six burned cd's later, they started for home. I love to burn cd's for people.

My computer keeps going black and displaying this message: "System 32\DRIVERS\Ntfs.sys missing or corrupt." Is this serious? Should I be despairing and making arrangements to sit up with it and mourn it when it's gone? Is it a hoax to make me purchase some kind of software? And why won't my computer let me back on for at least an hour after I'm kicked off? These are all questions to which I do not know the answers. So if you do, give me a break, would ya?

My kids were bored so I dug through my purse and gave them my last penny so they could go see a movie. I'm selfless that way. It really was my last penny. I still have a few nickels and dimes and even a couple of quarters, but if you don't count those, I'm broke.

Tomorrow, the three beautiful children who are loaned to me for a week every summer, will be here with their parents and grandparents. I can't wait to see them again ; it's been months! I am happiest when my house is filled with people.

I love it when the whole family is together. Today was wonderful; tomorrow will be good, also. How could it be otherwise? My family will be together. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Whenever I go check out my daugher's journal, I'm freshly flabbergasted. Her writing style is EXACTLY like mine! And my cousin (who is also one of my best and dearest friends) has an IP number that is only one digit removed from mine. Freaky. Freaky and cool.

My son is an excellent writer, but his style is uniquely his own and bears no resemblance whatsoever to anybody's existing blog.

Even the cat had a guest for dinner tonight. But when a cat has a turkey neck and a bag of innards overflowing his cat dish, it's only natural that he'd have to beat off the hungry woodland creatures with a sharp stick. (is THAT how it's done?)

More later. Too tired to focus eyes for now.

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