Saturday, November 13, 2004

I agree with Bill Engvall.

Warning: If you are one of those 'politically correct' people, you'd better skip this post.

I think I hate stupid people.

After reading the news online tonight, I'm really depressed about the state of our nation. Its biggest problem seems to be an enormous population of truly stupid people.

When did we start to tip-toe around the feelings and rights of these stupid people, over and above the feelings and rights of everybody else? When did stupid people become more important than smart people? When did we allow stupid people to be the bosses of us? Why do we condone the stupid behavior of stupid people? Why do we allow them to become wealthy because of their stupidness?

I fear the growing threat of the feeble-minded.

I'm very upset about this issue.

I think I'll go through the McDonald's drive-through, get a cup of hot coffee, and hold it between my thighs as I drive to the railroad tracks, park, and take a little walk. There's no need to be cautious; trains don't use the tracks except in movies. Next, I'll run over to my child's school and ream out his teacher for requiring him to bring his own pencil, keep his hands to himself, and stay in his own seat. Then I'll drop in on the coach to complain about my son not being eligible to play in the game next Friday just because he flunked a few classes. I pay taxes, you know. A test is just a stupid piece of paper, but I've got ten bucks riding on that ball game. Where are these people's priorities? If my kid doesn't play, I'll sue. I guess I'll go home after that. I wish I felt better; this extra hundred pounds really drags me down. Damn that fast food place for making me fat! Once I'm on the road, I'll set the cruise control so I can go in the back of the van and get a cold beer out of the cooler. Hey, this lemon-scented furniture polish smells really good; I think I'll take a swig. What could it hurt? Anything that smells like food has to BE food, right? Ahh, nothing like a cigarette and a good Jerry Springer episode. Cough, cough, cough, hack, cough. . . . Darn virus. "But baby, it was dark, and your grandma looked like you!" Lighten up, woman. It could happen to anybody. Woot! Woot! Woot! You go, Jerry. I love reality TV. You know, that was really peaceful, walking on those railroad tracks. Maybe I'll go back again tomorrow night.

People scare me.

Doesn't the expression "thinning the herd" mean anything any more?
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