Monday, October 25, 2004

There are all kinds of payoffs.

I think sometimes, that if we knew what the people around us, in any context, went home to every night, we would all work harder to be nicer to each other. When you think about it, you might be the only pleasant person someone meets all day. The only smile someone gets. The only "please" and the only "thank you." You could be the only person who doesn't hit, or scream, or abuse. You could be the only person who ever listens. Or acknowledges someone in any way at all.

When you are absent, you might be sorely missed by someone you hardly know. When you are busy you might forget to smile at someone, and that will mean NO smiles at all for that person, that day.

Let's all work a little harder to be a little nicer. It doesn't cost anything. That person you speak to in the elevator might have been going UP so they could jump DOWN. Your niceness could change their mind. Maybe we have all been responsible for saving lives every day, and we will never know. Let's keep on doing that. Let's all keep on doing that.

Besides, some old rich guy might leave you a million dollars in his will.
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