Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I would watch a political debate only if Space Ghost was the commentator. And if Zorak got to eat the loser.

I am really having a lot of fun with Blog Explosion. I've always loved reading other people's journals (I am both literary and nosy) and it's cool to think that these same cool people are also reading mine.

Leave more comments, though. Please? Let it out. Don't hold back. Most of the personal journals I've read, have been great!

I do wish there was some way to filter out topics which are of little or no interest to me. Politics, advertisements, and sports, for example. Journals which are written out entirely in Teenage Cutesy Code. Blindingly pink journals. Journals that are nothing but sports stats. Journals that look like the Wall Street Journal. I read them all, for at least the required thirty seconds, but sometimes I get antsy, waiting for the countdown. But usually, I stay far longer than required, because some of those journals are LITERATURE, folks. There are some excellent writers and thinkers out there. It's so nice to know that other people have something on their minds besides politics. I'd rather read about "which Jem and the Holograms singer are you," and how to get baby shit off a white shirt, than have someone try to force their political or religious beliefs on me, which by my mind is the same thing as someone trying to sell me a used car at gunpoint. (Item: I hate reading about quiz results and baby shit.) Or computer software, or real estate, and I'm sorry but I get up and go to the kitchen whenever those journals pop up. It's really annoying to have someone try to sell me something when what I want to do is read about someone's life. I'm a people-person, and I like to read about people. Those commercials disguised as blogs are as annoying as those horrible little cardboard postcard inserts that clog up our magazines. Or telemarketers.

A blog is a personal journal. If someone's personal journal contains nothing but ads for real estate in southern California, then so be it. That's pitiful, but it's your journal. I don't have to read yours, and you don't have to read mine. And if I want to buy a house, or a car, or computer software, I'm not about to find one on an advertisement-disguised-as-a-journal. But probably somebody else will, so blog away.

But keep on, Blog Explosion. I think I might really, really like you. I just don't like all of your relations.

I am sooo the curmudgeon. I really do not give a tinker's dam which Disney Princess you are.

However, I am really interested in how you are dealing with life.

Of course, if you are dealing with life by being a Disney Princess, then we might have a winner there. Unless you are Pocahontas. That was the most boring Disney movie I ever tried to sit through.

Let's have her debate politics with Bush and Kerry. Even I might watch it then.

I would also watch a political interview if Space Ghost did it. I would even tape it to watch again.

But only if Zorak ate the loser.
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