Sunday, October 17, 2004

Chopsticks, squatters, and political opinions. . . .

We love to eat in Chinese Restaurants. Especially really late at night, when the customers have thinned out, and the employees are sitting at the tables all around you talking in Chinese, eating with chopsticks, breaking long shiny green beans, and probably wishing we would go home.

We also love those huge all-night bookstores. You know, the ones that have squatters in all the corners; people who spend so many hours reading the books and magazines for free that they take a razor with them to take care of the five-o-clock shadow. People who take sponge baths in the public restroom. People who keep a case of diapers under the changing table in the family restroom. People whose kids take their naps under the little round tables. All the time.

Some of those people read so many magazines, and then put them back on the shelf, that at least half the magazines on the rack are already second-hand. I always take the one at the very back. Sometimes, the ones in the back have the least coffee stains.

I love to walk all the way back to the music section, and make mental notes about the cd tracks that appeal. Then I go home and download them. And if I really, really like them, I buy the CD. Usually on Ebay or Amazon.

I'm not a music thief. Back off, recording industry billionaires. But you need to take note that most people will not pay a dollar and a half for a box of doughnuts without sampling one first. Why should we pay eighteen bucks for a mystery cd? We won't, that's what. Live with it. Ask your butler to bring you a Tylenol or something.

It's really cold tonight. I got our coats out of the back of the closet. We needed them.

Need a good laugh? I sure could. Check this out:


I'm not really 'political.' But I'm not stupid, either.

Anyone who can't put together a basic declarative sentence has no business in charge of anything.

Vote. People who don't vote forfeit their right to whine, later on. And if we don't vote, we'll have plenty to whine about.

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