Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thank You For Tagging Me. I Mean That, By The Way

I've been tagged a time or two and I like to pay my debts! Some bloggers resent being tagged, but I consider it an honor. Why would I NOT feel good about being tagged? Isn't it a lot like being greeted on the street and asked how I am by somebody who really wants to know?

Unless it's a stupid meme, of course. I've seen a lot of those. Real friends don't tag real friends with Disney princess memes and 'Which breed of hunting dog are you?"

But the Blogosphere has become a comfort zone for many of us these days; we've been here for a few years and we know who our friends are, and who they aren't (more's the pity) and when a friend asks me a question, I'll answer it.

Patriside asked me first, so I'll obey him first. Have I ever NOT obeyed him? He asked me to list eight random facts/habits, so here we go:

1. I like to think that I'm a card shark, but I'm really too insecure to be one. I still smile and pretend I know what I'm doing, though. Sometimes I get lucky.*
2. I thrive in chaos, and when things are quiet and peaceful I can't get anything done.
3. I truly believe that adults should live up to the responsibilities they signed on for, and to renege on them is to lessen one's worth.
4. It is my decided opinion that in public, EVERYBODY should behave themselves: wherever they are, whatever their mood, and whether or not they've had enough sleep or dinner. Unless one is six months old or Trilby, ** behavior is a choice.
5. Without music, I think I would die. I am, however, extremely particular about said music, although I have favorites in every genre. Country and scat jazz, not so much.
6. I am happier when there are fresh flowers in the house. They don't last long, but most lovely things don't. . . .
7. I would kill *** you if you ever laid a violent hand on my children. Or anybody else's children, for that matter, if I could reach you.
8. I loathe my body with a passion few others could possibly understand. It wasn't always so.

* This had a whole 'nuther meaning back in the day.
** Does anybody else remember poor Trilby and the wicked Svengali? (or where that 'quote' came from?)
*** Dead, and I don't mean maybe. People who hurt children for selfish or perverted purposes**** are scum.
**** Same thing.

Thanks, Patriside dear, for including me. After reading my list, I hope I haven't frightened anyone.

Now, sweet Beth has asked me to recycle an old post. How about this one?

Why, yes, I am in a bit of a mood tonight. Thank you for asking.

As for tagging, well, if you want to do either of these, by all means please do. I will love reading what you have to say.

A bit of a mood. Definitely.
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