Friday, March 16, 2007

. . . these are a few of my most favoritest things. . . .

PLEASE go check out the latest Carnival of Education over at the Education Wonks. I can't believe I forgot to mention this sooner. Yes, it's THAT IMPORTANT. Get over there now.


I just got home from hanging out with some of my most favoritest people in the world, one of whom is my Tumorless Sister. The other two know who they are, and I hope they also know they're on my Most Favoritest People List, too. (They're currently on the lam or I'd mention their names.) (No, they are not ax-murderers.) (Thank you for asking, though.)

We met at Noodletown and stayed 'till they turned off the lights. I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time.

Happy Birthday, Tumorless. I love you. There's no therapy like laugh therapy. (Don't go getting all manic on me, now. . . . .)

I love my two Non-Ax-Murdering friends, too, but I'm not going to get all publicly mushy on them. Unless they want me to, of course.

I had such a good time that I stopped at Marsh and bought some chocolate-covered-peanuts, diabetes notwithstanding. I thought several times on the way home about cracking open the sack and diving in, but I managed to wait until I got home to do that. (As I approached the causeway, I noticed that John Mellencamp is having another party tonight. ) (I thought about trying to get through those big iron gates, claiming that John was waiting for this bag of chocolate-covered-peanuts, but I decided I wasn't really dressed for the occasion.)

As soon as I got home I turned my computer on. (It thinks I'm sexy.) And as soon as my computer came on, I started in on the peanuts. It was a tiny little bag so it didn't take long to get to the chocolate crumbs at the bottom.

And then, lo, just when I thought I was finished snacking for the evening, I felt SOMETHING slide down my, um, front. You know, 'between.'

I panicked, thinking things like "big bug," and "bigger bug," but when I reached, um, "between," I discovered it was a stray chocolate-covered-peanut, melting from the heat, so I ate it. And I'm really glad nobody is in this room with me to see me occasionally stick my finger, um, "between," and lick it.

Run with it, Google.

Oh, come on, people, invite me over for dinner. My table manners are great. I'll bring dessert.
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