Saturday, March 10, 2007

North End Drywall Blog: The Prequel.

Speaking of this town's highest-rated tourist attraction, this is what it looked like before the house itself was condemned and demolished. The signs, and many more of them, are still there, but it's now a bare lot. A bare lot covered with big slabs of drywall. Big slabs of drywall covered with nastiness and libel. Why doesn't someone crack down on it? Nobody knows. Maybe the people mentioned are like many of the kids in our schools: Negative attention is better than none at all. It is also very, very true that many people occasionally agree with what this man has to say. Most of the time, though, he's just nasty. People with young-yet-literate children try not to drive up that way; it would be hard to know how to answer some of their innocent questions.

I guess that in this town, a person has a right to do whatever they want with their own land. I agree with that premise, up to a point.

Of course, if somebody's grass gets too high for too long, the town is all over it. But libel? Come on over and say whatever you want.

Be somewhat careful, though; remember, this is the town wherein resides the bank that foreclosed on our only homeless shelter. Foreclosed, and auctioned off the furnishings. Which bank would that be? Good question, and many people have asked. The answer is, of course, that nobody will tell you. But then, homeless people don't generally have bank accounts, so why would the bank care? And quite obviously, it didn't. They swept down on that shelter like piranha on a cow's hind leg and POOF, it was gone.

This is not a good town in which to be homeless, or driven out of your home by abuse. If you're a woman, that is. The men's shelter is still intact.

Whatta you bet that bank is run by men?

Mysteriously, nothing about the bank was 'posted' in the North End Drywall Blog. Mysteriously.

Notice, though, that the grass around the drywall is lookin' good.
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