Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Carnivals, Valedictorians, Sunshine, Lawn Danger, Chinese Opera, Restrooms, and other people's cats

The latest Carnival of Education is up, over at the Education Wonks.  Click on over and find out what's been going on this past week in the world of education.  Remember, if you don't keep up with what's happening, you forfeit your right to whine about it.  It's like voting in that respect.  (You didn't vote?  Then shut up.)
Thanks to the people who are giving me advice about how to care for the kittens.  I'm feeding them and making sure my deck stays clean, but other than that, I'm not doing it.  They're not mine, remember; they belong next door.  I can barely afford CheapoChunks for Charley Gordon, and there's no way I can buy quality cat food for the neighbors' cats.
My own cat has long since been 'fixed,' but I can't take six cats that are not even mine to the vet and have them done likewise. 
Until they move on, however, I'm sure enjoying them.  Except for the poop part, that is. It was sunny today so the turds did dry out, which made them easy to sweep off the deck.  I'll be purchasing a new dollar broom tomorrow at the Dollar Tree, though.
Graduation is coming up, and many people here are almost in shock; for the first time in several years, our valedictorian really is the student with the highest grade point average.  Not "somebody's" son, not "somebody's" daughter, not a rich kid who had been found guilty of plagiarism his junior year and had it expunged by the principal, and not a rich kid who had been found guilty of plagiarism his junior year and had it expunged by the same principal the very next year.  Our valedictorian really and truly earned the honor, and for the first time in several years, it's actually an honor instead of a joke.
Congratulations to you, Local Valedictorian.  You've made history in this corporation; you actually earned it.  Everybody is proud of you.  The Social Register is in shock, but who cares?
The sun came out today; it's the first non-pouring-rain day in a week.  It was wonderful.  As I drove to town to meet Frau, I passed dozens of people on riding mowers. 
I think they're crazy.  Everything is still wet, and it's dangerous to ride a mower on wet grass. Our lawn is too hilly; the thing would flip over.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Tomorrow I'm meeting my Tumorless Sister for dinner.  We'll be at Noodletown at six; come join us.  It's an awesome place, and the cooks sing Chinese opera in the kitchen. I've posted about it before.
Their restroom is unlike any you're ever seen.  You go through the door marked "Restrooms" and you're OUTSIDE, and there's a sign stuck in the grass pointing you to the Panera Bakery next door, where they actually have a restroom.  It's hilarious, unless you're in a hurry.
And now I'm going to the kitchen for some chocolate-covered peanuts and some movie-theater-buttery popcorn.  For supper.  Why, what are YOU having?  I'm on vacation for two more days and I'll do whatever I want.
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