Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Links, Packages, Observations, Tiny Little Pants, and Sex.

Hurry over to The Education Wonks; the Carnival of Education is up!  Please keep yourselves updated and aware when it comes to our schools; the fate of the universe depends on it.  This is one of the best education blogs I've ever encountered, and on Carnival day, we can read lots of great posts about education in other blogs, too.  He's got the links on there for ya; just click and become enlightened.  Got kids?  You owe it to them to keep current on all things school-related.  No kids?  Read up on how and where your tax dollars are being spent.
I got a package in the mail yesterday, and I want to publicly thank dear Bonnie for being so thoughtful and kind and just generally herself.  Bonnie's blog is a regular read of mine, and it's a treat for the eyes as well as for the brain.  She is musical, and artistic, and classy.   Bonnie, you are a dear person and I wanted everyone to know that.  Oh, they already knew, of course, but now they know, um, much more betterer.  Thank you so very much.
I'm being observed tomorrow.  Please cross your fingers for me.  I hope no more stranger-type students show up; I've about had it with slackers and I'd hate to have a stroke in front of the big boss.  I'm happy it's tomorrow, actually, because tomorrow we will be talking about figurative language and inferences, and it's one of my favorite lessons.  It's also our last lesson, because next week is Finals week. 
The big boss is, by the way, el mucho cool and I adore her.  She's not, of course, the BIG boss, but she's my immediate boss's boss.  That makes her the big boss in my immediate world. 
I was told today that one of my students, on the Teacher Evaluation forms, wrote down that I was 'sexy.'  No, I haven't lost my very-much-need-to-lose hundred pounds, and I haven't had plastic surgery; he just wanted to boost my ego because I'd mentioned once, in joking fancy, that when I was evaluated by students, nobody ever said I was sexy.
There is a good reason for that, by the way.  :)
Then again, maybe he's right.  After all, they do make Daisy Dukes in my size now.  They wouldn't make and sell them if  I wouldn't look good in them, right?
I have to go now.  I just made myself ill again. 
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