Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Tooty Ta

You know who really annoys me?  Dr. Jean.  I'm not putting the link on here.
That stuff is NOT music. 
Did I say "annoys" up there?  I think what I meant to say was, "offends."
There is so much great music out there for our small children.  Why are parents and schools subjecting tiny children to nasality and poor musicianship?
I've heard this stuff, and it's horrible.  Blah.
Even if she hired a real musician to sing it, instead of droning it herself, it would still be poor music.  Besides, a real musician wouldn't touch it.
This is, of course, just my opinion.  Many people think Dr. Jean is the shizznit.  Some lower elementary teachers might as well put up a shrine. She's pulling in the big bucks.  Well, good for her.  I'm always glad when someone is successful.  She'll not get any of my money, but I doubt she'll miss it.  She's getting plenty from other sources.
But me?  I believe our children, even the tiny ones, have a right to be exposed to real music.  The good stuff.  We can put cute words and mini-lessons to music, sure; but can't we select better music to put this stuff to?  And use better language skills when we do it?
And stop it with the condescending stuff?
I loved it when my children were tiny, and we sang and did finger and hand plays to the music, and giggled over nonsensical lyrics.  But before I would have used Dr. Jean with my kids, I would have taught them to sing 'The Real Slim Shady" for Mamaw.   I'm not kidding.
I did teach them to recite Monty Python's 'Dead Parrot Sketch' when they were tiny.  There's just nothing cuter than a three-year-old girl in a princess dress and clear jelly shoes that look like glass slippers, saying "beautiful plumage" in a British accent.
But Dr. Jean?  Absolutely no way.  I can not recommend it. 
If you like it, and have it for your kids, that's lovely.  Tons of people like her stuff.  She's making a killing in the Kindergarten market.  It won't hurt your kids.  Life is full of choices.  This is mine. 
"No way."
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