Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rockin' in the Dining Room

How am I supposed to diet with all this peanut butter fudge calling my name?  Who made this stuff anyway?  Darn you.  DARN YOU.
Oh wait.  Heh.  I made it.
I made it, and I was going to eat one tiny piece and give all the rest to my friend Pam.  She loves fudge, and she's a tiny slender woman who can eat all she wants and never gain an ounce.  To make it even worse, she's gorgeous.  I try to hate her for that, but I can't; she's too darn nice.  It's just not fair. 
Yeah well.  There's some left, so I'll box it up now to prevent any other sneaky inroads on it.  You know how the neighbors are, always breaking into your house when you're not looking, and eating fudge, and making it look as though YOU did it. 
My husband never falls for that one either.  Hey.  It could happen!
Tonight Hub brought the HUGE speakers up from the family room and hooked them to my stereo in the dining room.  Two huge speakers, now, plus the old medium-sized speakers.  When you visit me now, there will be surround-sound.  Those life-size seventies speakers are awesome.  Of course, you can get the same effect now from a four-inch Bose, but the ambience just isn't the same.  Besides, you can't put a whole lot of framed snapshots on top of a Bose.  There's just no room.
These speakers of ours, now, have a top surface that's the size of an end table; lots of pictures there!
Besides, the one that sits on the floor makes all the dishes in the hutch vibrate, and it's just. . . . . really cool.
Two days left of my Spring Break.  How much cleaning have I done?  A little.  Yes.  Definitely.  Some things appear cleaner.
Those speakers, for example, are polished within an inch of their lives. 
And I don't think anybody is ever too old to rock, unless they never rocked in the first place.  Even then, there's hope, if the attitude is there.
And honeys, I gots the attitude.
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