Monday, January 23, 2006

My bad.

I want to apologize to anyone who was offended by my previous post. I did not intend disrespect in any way. I was merely trying to fend off the intense and immense tumor fear with humor, and apparently it backfired. People's feelings and sensibilities were hurt, and I would not have done that for the world.

There have been many silly 'Virgin Mary' and 'Jesus' sightings on buttered toast, dirty socks, and screen doors lately, and they have been put up for auction on Ebay and purchased for the big bucks by a casino out West somewhere.

We are describing and discussing a tumor here, and shaky refusal-to-acknowledge-fear-of-cancer led me to combine the tumor, and the silly Ebay listings, and Harry Potter, and, and, and, well, I got carried away and I apologize profusely for any disrespect I have shown to anyone's actual beliefs.

There was never any intent, not even humorous, to link Mary and Voldemort. It was only a reference to and combination of the other Mary sightings on odd things, a tumor shaped like a head, and the way Voldemort's face was attached to Quirrell's head, under that turban. No connection in any other way was intended, and I am deeply sorry that anyone interpreted my silly post that way.

Offending and hurting nice intelligent people is the LAST thing I would ever wish to do. I am so sorry.

Of course, if you're a moron or a nimrod, you're fair game. But this time, the nimrod was me.
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