Monday, January 30, 2006

Dancewad and WadFriend Return.

Hey, remember that student last semester who threw the paper wads in class? The guy who danced all his conversations a quarter inch from my face? The student who seldom came to class, and was really late when he did? Remember his friend who came to class maybe four times all semester, and when he did come he sat in the back with DanceWad and tried to play games on the computers? Remember how they annoyed and bothered the other students to the point that there were cheers on the nights when neither of them showed up? Remember how they both failed my class? Remember how relieved and happy I was to be rid of them?

I've got them again. Both of them. Dancewad has been to class three times now (out of a possible 7) and was even on time once. He was absent today. WadFriend hasn't been to class yet, but we're only four weeks into the semester and I'm sure he'll show up around Easter. And expect makeup work.

He's got a surprise coming. Or not, if he's even looked at his schedule and seen who his instructor is. Again.

Oy, ay ay ay, it's the MEAN lady again. She HATE us cuz we be COOLER than she be useta. We puttin' up wit it. Crock, mon.

My sentiments exactly. Crock.

Aaaand, midway into a class session today, I got another of last semester's slackers added to this same class. He wasn't a pill, he just never came. Maybe he's wised up since then.

Or not, since he apparently tried to enroll in the next English level up. It almost worked; he lasted almost four weeks in there before the instructor realized the kid was in the wrong class.

I'm sure it was an accident on his part.

There must be something about this 11:00 class. Maybe it's the smell of BBQ wafting through the classroom from the food court below. . . . .

Well, it makes ME want to buck and run. And I'm older than any two of them put together.

Except maybe the old man in the back. And he's in better shape than some of the younger ones.

Mmm, BBQ.
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