Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I may have mentioned a time or two before that I loathe political correctness.


First class: 9 F's
Second class: 5 F's

None of the F's in the first class showed up today.
Two of the F's in the second class showed up today.

Today was the day the students got their final exam back, to check over. Today was the day they found out their semester average and their semester letter grade.

Why are the F's always so surprised? The A's and B's and C's aren't surprised; they pretty much keep track all semester and can guess it really well.

But the F's? They are always absolutely blown away in shock. What is up with that?

Why does a student who skips constantly, comes in late when he DOES come in, fails tests, doesn't do homework, throws paper wads, borrows paper and pencils because he seldom brings his own, spends class time on his cell phone, has to be told constantly to put the iPod away, and tries to play computer games during class, almost pass out from shock when he finds out he has an average of 16%?

Now. If you are heavily into the self-esteem, PC thing, stop reading right now, because I am going to say something you won't approve of at all, at all.

Fair warning. Last warning.

Okay, you've been warned.

Dear F Student: You are a consummate dumbass and frankly, I don't feel sorry for you one bit. You got exactly the grade you earned, and you don't deserve any further consideration. I am sorry the other students had to put up with you all semester, on those few days you condescended to attend class. You dragged them all down, and made us go slowly. Fortunately, when you weren't there, everyone else was able to catch up. I am sorry you took up roster space in a class that had a waiting list, when another student could have taken that seat and done better than you did. Heck, D.A, I would venture to say that any one-celled amoebic organism would have done better than you did. It would have had a better personality than you, too. And a better attitude.

You were correct, however, when you repeatedly stated that something was seriously fucked up in this class. Something certainly was, and that something was you. We took a poll.

Now, go away.


Mrs. MeanTeacher

P.S. We waited till you were gone to bring out the doughnuts.
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