Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have a green thumb, but I think it's some kind of infection.

1. Planted all of my fifty-cent chrysanthemums. So far, they're all still alive, healthy, lush, and blooming. However, as I have touched them, be ready to read all about their deaths soon.

2. Planted purple, white, and gold crocuses all over the bare yard where the septic tank was uncovered and drained a few days ago. I expect the crocus crop to be pretty good this spring. Erma Bombeck would know why.

3. Opened kitchen cupboard to get clean glass and found it bare. Emptied dishwasher, loaded cabinet, emptied sinks, filled dishwasher. I sense that I have done this before.

4. Burned "Chess" to cd so I can listen in the car on my way to school tonight. I may have burned it the other day to send to someone else, too, but I've slept since then, and I'm real old, and I'm forgetful, and lots of other stuff to make me not tell who's getting it till he/she gets it.

5. I do not actually play chess. I know how, but I do not have the patience. Or the skill, if the truth be known However, I do like to play "Chess." And sing along.

6. There are few Broadway-type shows that I do NOT love to sing along with. This is best done in my car, windows sealed, no passengers, to avoid harming anyone's sensibilities. Besides, in a hermetically sealed vessel, the acoustics are good. Well, not in a REALLY hermetically sealed vessel, but in my car I sound good. Not to anyone else, mind you. . . . .

7. Just because a person loves to sing along, that doesn't mean they should do so when others are present. It stifles conversation and aesthetics. Unless EVERYBODY is singing along, in which case, open the windows and serenade the countryside!!!

8. We're have a test tonight over present and past participle usage, past and present progressive tenses, and fixed-form helping verbs. Don't you wish you could come with me? You may use your notes if you took any. You may not, however, borrow or in any way use the notes of someone else. And yes, someone will tell me that's 'not fair.' They can bite me.

9. I'm meeting Frau for supper, so the evening will start out wonderfully.

10. The end.

P.S. Essay title of the week: "Education Is Really Make An Deference Fro Me." So. Are you SURE you can't come with me? Honestly, one of these days I'm going to lose it and start singing to them and THEN they'll all be sorry. . . . .
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