Thursday, March 31, 2005

'Tis the season. . . .

I struck gold at the Dollar Tree today. Bath and BodyWorks Shower Gel! Not off-brand. Bath and BodyWorks! For a dollar! Sweet Pea!

They also had Cucumber Melon but I do not like to come out of the shower smelling like summer salad. Somehow it seems to negate the whole shower thing if you go in smelling like pizza and come back out smelling like all you need is a good dousing of French dressing to complete your meal.

Bath and BodyWorks! I haven't been so excited since the day I found M&M's at the Dollar Tree, that were the correct season!

Seasonal things. I wonder sometimes how old my kids were when they realized that not everybody used Halloween napkins in the summertime? But, you see, they're ON SALE after the proper season is over. And sometimes, they're 90% off!

This, after everyone else in the entire county has already picked over them and Mamacita buys what's left after that. I'm cool that way.

We were still using Halloween paper towels at Christmas. As I write, we have Valentine paper towels. The Christmas Kleenex is in the bathroom. The red notebook by my monitor? I bought it yesterday. Pay no attention to the "Back to School 2004" sticker on the cover. Who cares, I mean, really?

Of course, you have to buy regular stuff when your kids are going through that sentient phase where they want the household to be totally non-embarassing. But before that, and after that, you can save some serious money by buying seasonal things in the off-season.

Hmm. I should ask my kids if we were EVER non-embarassing. Somehow I think I already know the answer to that one.

Excuse me now, if you will, while I go into the kitchen and pack a lunch for my husband. I hope he doesn't mind the Christmas baggies.

If he does, he can pack his own lunch.
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