Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yul Brynner Was Smokin' Hot

Over at MommaK's, the Perfect Post Awards are up. MommaK and Lucinda work really hard, putting this together, so please click on over and check them out. You'll find some wonderful blogs to read.

I nominated the elegant and eloquent Anchoress for a January Perfect Post. The Anchoress has long been an idol of mine, both as a writer and as a person. Go read her blog and you'll understand why.

I still can't comment on any Typepad blogs. Not a single one. If you are wondering why you haven't had any comments from me in a long time, and you use Typepad, well, that's why. It's quite a puzzlement, as Yul Brynner would say, and quite frustrating as well. I've heard many others talking about this same issue, too. Why does Typepad hate us? We've been goooood.

Also, I hate it when a bathroom stall doesn't have a hook for my purse. I refuse to put anything on the floor of a public restroom, and it's difficult to manage with that huge honkin' suitcase-size purse I insist on carrying. And what's with those toilet paper holders that stick out from the wall so far, they hover over the seat? Heck, even a thin person has to sit leaning to one side! I'm sort of medium-fat, and it's really a pain. A truly fat person? I don't know what they would do; I guess they'd have to post a guard at the door and use the men's urinals next door.

Nice, Jane. I hope that visual doesn't stick around too awfully long.

And now, we're off to Grecco's. Don't you all wish you were meeting us there? I wish you were, too.

But I'll think about you as I'm diving into my deep-dish Sicilian pizza.

A few more of those and I'll be using the men's john at the college. Anyone care to guard the door for me?

OUT! Out of my head this minute, bad visual. OUT.
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