Monday, February 05, 2007

Eat Chicken.

If there's anything I despise, it's a bully. And if there's anything worse than a bully, it's someone who is too stupid to recognize a parody when he/she sees one. (Most bullies fall into that category.) (I love parodies.)

And if there's anything worse than a bully or a moron, it's a bullying moron with a law degree who pulls a name out of a hat and sends a 'cease and desist' letter to someone with a BLOG.

Are they NUTS? People with blogs have followings, and followings buy, or not, patronize, or not, donate, or not, spend tons of money, or not, on things, commodities, causes, etc, that we read about on other blogs. Blogging is the marketing tool of the new millennium. When bloggers recommend, other bloggers buy. When bloggers tell us a product stinks, other bloggers won't buy it, either. A business that doesn't know that yet, is a business that's really behind the times.

The Pork Board's Pork Broad made a biiiiiiig mistake. They've since apologized and backed off, but the point is, before they did that, they did the other. And I really do hope that if, out of their big bullying bevy of lawyers, not one of them knew anything about parody or the laws covering such, then maybe the Pig People need to hire themselves a new bevy of lawyers and let the present bevy go back outside to play in the mud.

It makes me sad, too, because I do love me some BBQ pork tenderloin, and now I won't be buying any kind of pork for, like, forever? Or at least until I read about some Porker in a high-up position, asking for forgiveness very, very nicely. I don't mean one of the lawyers, either; I mean, an executive Porker, and in his own words.

Backing off is nice, yes. But the intimidation, in the first place, was inexcusable.

I haven't breast-fed for a while, like maybe, oh, TWENTY-SIX YEARS, but my sympathies are all with the Lactivist. She was bullied, she fought back via her blog, her readership backed her up, others picked up the story, and the Pork Board and the Pork Broad who represented them, found out the hard way what can happen when a blogger is bullied.

I also took issue with the fact that the Pork Broad's letter insinuated that there were, let us say, "dark issues" connected with breastfeeding. What incredible gall, coupled with unpardonable ignorance.

Well, whatever. I guess it's over now, but I'm still mad. Boards of almost any kind really get my back up. It's as if a business or institution goes out and deliberately rounds up the most ignorant people they can find, seats them around a big table, and lets them make important decisions.

Bah. Eat chicken. Somehow, I feel that any board, and any broads, they might have, would at least have a sense of humor. The Chicken Board. I like it. Yes, they'd have a sense of humor.

Porkies seem to be lacking in that area.
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