Thursday, August 03, 2006

This one will put you to sleep. . . .

Let me see, what did I do today. . . .

Oh yes. Got up around noon, took a shower, got dressed.

Gathered up all the trash, and threw the bags out on the deck, where Hub takes over and tosses them into the back of the truck.

Went to the dump: always a fun thing to do. (We live too far out in the country to have any kind of pickup service.) (In this weather, we could smell it a mile away.)

(Can anyone tell me why anybody would build a community of really beautiful mansions within 'sniffing' distance of a county dump? ) (And why these homes are all sold?)

After we go to the dump, we usually go to Snow's for lunch. We tried, but as we slowed down in front of the building, we noticed that Cancer Man's truck was parked in front. As much as we both lusted passionately after some awesome Snow's food, we just couldn't deal with Cancer Man's stinking up the whole restaurant with his constant, never-ceasing, smoking. He and his wizened smoking cronies get to Snow's around noon, and they sit there ALL AFTERNOON, drinking pop and smoking. After they've been sitting there for only a few minutes, everything in the restaurant is hazy and smells like ass stale gross dirty smoke.

I really wish this town would ban smoking in restaurants. Grecco's did, and Our Favorite Waitress told us that their business wasn't hurt a bit by it. (Mmmmm, Grecco's. . . . .)

So anyway, with Snow's stuck in StenchPhase, we went to the local Mexican restaurant and chowed down on some fabulous yolandas and whatever it was in Hub's plate; I'd never seen anything like that before, but he said it was delicious.

Maybe next time, Snow's. IF Cancer Man isn't there, that is.

I bet they lose an incredible amount of business because of that man and his cronies.

Then we came home. And then Hub fired up the big tractor and cut the big part of the lawn, and I fired up the weedeater, entreated it to not try and kill me as it usually does, and took care of the pie-slice of yard that is tiny but hardest of all to cut.

Then I took another shower, and waited for my guests.

I love it when my former students visit me. I turned them loose on my computer and several cd's may have been burned.

I love hearing my former students talk with each other, and with me. I miss them. I miss the questions, and I miss the unbridled enthusiasm of that age (early teens) and most of all, I miss the excited discussing of books and movies.

Then it started thundering. And then the heavens opened and poured out a torrent of rain the likes of which haven't been seen since Noah built the ark.

Then we burned some more cd's. And then the doorbell rang and they had to go home.

And then, and then, and then. . . . .

And then I locked the door behind them, and came back upstairs to my computer to catch up.

And here I am, catching up.

So, how was YOUR day?
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