Thursday, July 06, 2006

I haven't had time to read the magazine yet because I'm still finding inserts in it.

Oh look, I got a Family Circle magazine in the mail today!

Oh look, a pile of advertisements for products I will NEVER PURCHASE because I hate inserts.

I'm not renewing, either, because several of the inserts were for the magazine itself.

Before I read a magazine these days, I hold it upside down over the trash and let the inserts fall out, sight unseen. I don't care enough to even look at them. I hate them, remember? But what I hate even more are the cardboard cards attached to the spine.

Before I read the magazine, and after I let gravity do its lawful thing with the loose inserts, I go through it and find all of the attached inserts and tear them out and throw them away. Except for when I lay them out on the couch and take their picture and post it so everybody can see how many inserts are in one single magazine. I mean, look at those! That's ridiculous. So intrusive and annoying.

This isn't even counting those 'almost page-size' ads. I tear them out and throw them away, too, but they didn't fit the feng shui of the layout of the smaller inserts.

Really, advertiser people, is it worth it to keep sticking those annoying things in our magazines? Do you really make enough money on them to counter all the hatred aimed your general direction by people like me?

Some of those inserts are duplicates. That makes me even madder.

I will actually (sometimes) read an ad that's part of the magazine itself. But an insert? Never.

I don't read ads that use LaToya Jackson, either, but that's probably a universal thing.
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