Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This post sucks. And that's the last straw.

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My little round kitchen table is exactly underneath the kitchen center light.

The center light is full of ladybug beetles, even though I take down the lamp and dump the day's accumulation of bugs in the trash EVERY NIGHT. It's the one date I've got that's a sure thing.

If you don't dump them out regularly, they start to smell really bad.

If one lands on you, and you somehow piss it off, it will bite you. And it will hurt.

I hate them.

I like to sit and read at this little round table. When I read, I must have a glass full to the brim of ice, and a Mack truck-load of diet Coke, so I don't have to keep getting up and walking over to get more diet coke. And a straw.

And a Hostess cupcake, if they were on sale at Marsh. The chocolate kind, with the squiggles on top.

I love to say "squiggles."

Today, I had only the diet Coke, as Marsh was being stupid and had Little Debbie cupcakes on sale instead of the Hostess ones with the chocolate squiggles.

I don't like Little Debbie cupcakes, as you just never know when you're going to get a mouthful of something ginger-flavored.

With Hostess, you always know what you're getting.

Unless of course they are not on sale, because when they're not on sale, only rich people can afford to buy them.

This post does have a point. I'm getting to it. Be patient.

Here it is: Are those ladybug beetles poisonous? Because I think I just sucked one down, through my straw.

UPDATE: Ladybug beetles are NOT the sweet pretty ladybugs that live in your garden, eat harmful insects, and are kept as pets by fairies and elves. Ladybug beetles are a different insect altogether; here's a link that explains it a little further. (It's an advertisement, but there's a good definition of the difference between the two bugs.)


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