Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Lighten up.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like there's an awful lot of bad feeling among certain bloggers lately. Misunderstandings, clashes, and just plain meanness. I've seen ignorance rear its ugly head. Intellectual intolerance is not good, people. Not good at all.

Come on, bloggers. There are other people besides you. There are other opinions besides yours. There are other points of view besides yours. There are other cultures besides yours. There are other religions besides yours. There are other ways to celebrate holidays besides yours. There are other ways to raise children besides yours. There are more political beliefs, besides the one you cherish. There are other ways to do everything, besides your ways, in fact. Or maybe I should say, 'in addition to your ways.' Because your ways are probably just fine. However, your ways are not the only ways. Lighten up. Look around. What you see might add some enlightenment or maybe just a little humor to your own life. Don't close your mind. Open it up, and let the world shine in. You just might learn something. If you are afraid of knowledge, then you should examine your beliefs. There's something wrong with them.

Yes, there are many differing opinions out there. Not just yours. Not just mine. The internet can show us ideas and opinions and facts and all KINDS of things, and it's a poor brain that can't take that information and run with it.

Which ONE IDEA is the correct ONE IDEA? If you have an answer to that question, then I've got news for you: You're an idiot. And, you're intolerant. I'm not sure which is worse.

People are taking offense when no offense is intended. Are you so insecure in your beliefs that a little humor can't be tolerated? Wouldn't a religion that can not tolerate any kind of fun-poking be a pretty grim religion? If your politics are so shaky that a little humor makes you angry, maybe you should rethink some of your stands.

If your religion or politics are making you view other people's opinions and beliefs with a grim, 'they're attacking me' stance, please: back off and just look at yourself. What kind of image are you presenting to people? Is that really how your religion/political views are supposed to be represented? Do you really want people to associate the words "humorless, nit-picking, and intolerant" with you and your personal beliefs?

Well, maybe some of you do. Please go away.

But most people are really very nice, even when outbursts sort of mask the niceness and make people see nothing but idiocy. Let's all try a little harder to see the other person's side, before we say things we might regret later. Let's all try to maintain a sense of humor. Parodies are FUNNY. A little sarcasm is FUNNY. Don't be so quick to take offense when you spot one of your pet opinions being used in a way you've never seen before. Give it a chance. Learn to laugh at yourself. We are all pretty darn funny, you know; especially when we're not trying to be.

Yes, there are some evil vicious people out there, who deliberately hurt and defame things that are close to our hearts. I'm not talking about them; they are despicable.

I'm talking about lovely people with quirky humor, who tell stories and send messages that are funny, and thought-provoking, and, well, funny. Stop staying up all night trying to find new ways to be offended. Laugh at yourself. Go on, it's easy. Laugh at yourself, and laugh with others.

A religion or political stance that can not take humor or variety or a different point of view, is a pretty poor religion or political stance.

Lighten up, everybody. Life can be tough. We need more laughter, not more strife.

I'd say "Don't be such a touchy prick," but some of you might be offended. So I won't say it.

Besides, old ladies like me just don't TALK like that.
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